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Kentark is a former Jungle Tribe leader and now an arena manager.


Originally a member of the Jungle Tribe ruled by the Element Lord of Jungle, Kentark was stranded on Bara Magna after the Shattering took place. At some point afterward, Kentark was elected to lead the Tesara village. After his two hundred and fifty year term was over, Kentark became the manager of the Arena Tesara where he continues to oversee Glatorian matches and other special occasions.

Eventually, Kentark met and befriended the former Rock Tribe member Ranzesk.

Later, Tesara entered an argument with Roxtus over the ownership of a number of trees bearing ripe fruit found in an oasis. With Gresh and Vastus both unavailable, the Jungle Tribe selected a rookie Glatorian named Vernax to combat a Skrall warrior named Jornek. He then oversaw the match, which eventually ended in a victory for Vernax. However, shortly after Vernax was announced winner, Jornek rose and threatened to kill Vernax with his Thornax Launcher, being unable to comprehend his defeat. After failed attempts to calm him down, Kentark and the others realized that Jornek's Thornax Launcher was damaged, though their warnings came too late, and Jornek was killed when his damaged launcher backfired and exploded.

Despite having a messenger sent to Roxtus to inform Tuma of the occurrence, no Skrall ever came to recover Jornek's body, resulting in Kentark and his friends in burying it just beyond Tesara's Hot Springs.

About a year prior to Mata Nui's arrival on Bara Magna, Kentark was having a conversation with Lekrex when they were approached by Ranzesk, Drex, and the mutant Skrall Verex (who introduced himself as Reshnez). After informing "Reshnez" that he and the other inhabitants of their village new of his appearance, Kentark and Lekrex lead the trio to the village arena to allow them to watch the practice match between Vernax and Magmus. After further conversation, Kentark then lead the group to the Tesara inn. There, they related the tale of Vernax's battle against Jornek, and following a brief discussion, Kentark and his friends retired to their rooms to rest.

Kentark later took part in the Battle of Roxtus, aiding his fellow Agori in combating the combined might of the Rock Tribe and Bone Hunters, a battle the villagers and Glatorian eventually won. He is currently aiding in the villages' efforts to construct the Mega-Village.

Abilities & Traits[]

Wise, calm, and kind; Kentark is known for his leadership ability. Because of this, he is often approached by Glatorian and Agori alike for advice on various subjects. Though fairly old for an Agori, he is also well versed in combat.


Like all Jungle Agori, Kentark has large, strong arms that end is razor-sharp claws. His claws are useful for both defense and climbing.