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Biographical Information
SpeciesSkrall (Mutated)
TribeRock Tribe (Formaly)
ColorsBlack, Red
ToolsSword, Shield, Thornax Launcher
LocationThe Cavern
"So how should I beat you this time? Bash you with my sword? Crush you with my shield? Shoot you with my Thornax launcher? Hmm... so many choices, but only one will do. You could just give up, after all, you might make it out of here alive. Then again... where is the fun in that?"

 Kelx is a banished Skrall and was formerly allied with the Rock Tribe.


Kelx used to be a warlord; representing the Elemental Lord of Rock in the Core war. Though he was a regular Skrall soldier, his fighting style and vicious skills earned him the top spot in the Elemental Lord of Rock. After the shattering, he was stranded on Bara Magna with the other Skrall.

He and the Skrall eventually were driven out by the Baterra and abandoned the female Skrall. Tuma then forced him and the others to into the Glatorian system. Around a year later, Tuma had banished him for an unknown reason.

After a month of his banishment from the Skrall, he questioned why had Tuma decided to banish him. He reasoned it was because he was afraid of him. After laughing about it, he decided to look for some basic needs; water being one of them. After hours of wandering the wastelands, he came across something that resembled water. Mistaking it for water, he drank it. He transformed into a more powerful form and then departed.

He eventually stumbled onto a creature and captured it. Their current status is unknown.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kelx is a very experienced fighter and hunter. Before being banished, he would become overconfident in the Arena. Since his banishment and mutation, he has matured and become very patient and doesn't underestimate his foes. Kelx has also become more of a strategist thus, he doesn't charge into battle like he used to. He has also become very skilled in tracking and trapping his foes. He is a great crafter and has managed to create traps leading to his cave. With these traps, he has captured Vorox and Zesk and has sold them to Bone Hunters. Unknown to the Bone Hunters, Kelx has placed a "mole" among the Bone Hunters ranks who is supplying him with information.

Since Kelx's mutation, his strength and toughness have gone up. Thus, he is able to take a beating. After he was exiled, he customized his Skrall helmet to strike fear into those that opposed him.


Kelx and Spectux.


Kelx still uses his old Skrall shield, but has managed to craft a large broadsword. After mutating he gained new abilities, like the fact he is faster and stronger than the average Skrall.


Strength:15 03

Agiliy:14 03

Toughness:16 03

Mind:13 03

Alternate Versions[]


  • Kelx is Makuta Kaper's second Self MoC.
  • He accidentally discovered a small pond of Energized Protodermis.
  • Kelx's fighting style is based on a Spartan.