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"Hmm. Kelore's hungry; maybe I should feed him. Would you happen to be using your arm at the moment?"
Bionicle20 001
Status Alive
Power(s) None
Pronunciation Kel-ore

Kelore is a rare silver Rock Steed from Bara Magna.


At some point in the past, Kelore was challenged and defeated by the Bone Hunter known as Zaz, who would later tame the Rock Steed as his mount.

Recently, Kelore has been helping Zaz capture Glatorian for the Skrall known as Skirvex, at one point capturing a water Glatorian named Akzuke. Later, Zaz and Kelore attempted to defeat Glatorian Nepzek and his Agori friend Robuke. Before they could end the battle, however, Zaz was hit by a sneak attack from the jungle fighter Vernax. Upon hearing Zaz's commands, Kelore charged forward only to be brought down by a shot from Magmus' Thornax Launcher. Kelore later managed to recover, and managed to escape captivity with Zaz.

Kelore and Zaz later helped surround Verex and his companions, Ranzesk and Drex, with several other Bone Hunters as part of a plot to capture the exiled Skrall. He later accompanied Zaz to a large jungle oasis, where he aided his master before being taken down and captured.

Kelore and his master was later teleported to safety by Skirvex, along with their allies.

Abilities & Traits[]

A member of a highly endangered sub-species of Rock Steed, Kelore is colored silver instead of dark red.

Like all Rock Steeds, Kelore possesses keen eyesight and hearing. He is very durable, and wields powerful jaws accompanied by claws and a stinger-like tail.


  • Kelore's name was suggested by user KylerNuva.