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Centre of Zivot, north of the Great Spirit Robot
10 bio

Kehidupan is the capital of the island Zivot, the homeland of Av-Matoran. Most Matoran, Turaga and Toa migrated to Kehidupan after the Great Cataclysm War. It is the base of the Council of Kehidupan and provides access to the Core Processor.


Kehidupan was created to maintain the Great Spirit Robot. The Av-Matoran that lived in Kehidupan worked in tunnels, making sure power reached all parts of the Great Spirit Robot. Av-Matoran regularly moved throughout the entire Great Spirit Robot, making sure everything was in order. Av-Matoran always worked in groups of two.

The Av-Matoran were known to be both thorough and deeply immersed in their word. The phrase "working like an Av-Matoran" became to mean working thoroughly, paying no heed to the outside word.

50 years prior to the Great Cataclysm War, Kehidupan was attacked by the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Makuta left the Av-Matoran untouched, focusing on overpowering the Toa Neirae. Once the Brotherhood entered the Core Processor room, Suram transformed into a Toa, but was quickly defeated. As a precaution, Miserix ordered the Brotherhood to kill all other Av-Matoran. Only Wira and Karza survived due them being inside the tunnels.

During the Great Cataclysm War, Kehidupan was used a prison for Matoran, the Toa Neirae and enemies of the Brotherhood. However most of Kehidupan was destroyed when the Toa Malia fought the Brotherhood. When the Great Cataclysm occurred, cracks appeared all over Kehidupan.

After the Great Cataclysm War was over, Kehidupan was severely damaged. Matoran and the Order of Mata Nui worked together to rebuild the city.


Kehidupan is a simple grass-filled plateau, with Matoran hunts spread across the small area. 15 tunnel entrances littered the outer rim.

Council Sanctuary[]

There is a sanctuary in the middle of the island where the Council of Kehidupan reside. The building has an inner chamber where the Council holds meetings.

Maintenance Tunnels[]

Each tunnel entrance is two bio in diameter. Protosteel doors slide open and close as an external button is pressed. The tunnels themselves have roof lights every 0.25 bio, with blue-glowing glass-coated wires down the sides and on the floors.


Council of Kehidupan[]

Order of Mata Nui[]

Other Inhabitants[]