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Jarodin: "Why are you doing this?"
Keelara: "Because I am bored... and because I have the ability to feel pity, unlike most of my brothers."
Jarodin: "I see."
Jarodin questioning Keelara's motives in helping him find Galika's murderers, Deadly Alliances
Keelara P-01
A black-and-white drawing of Keelara's default form
Formerly: Brotherhood of Makuta
Currently: None
Great Rau
Throwing dagger, Mistika Gas Canisters

Keelara was a rogue female Makuta.


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Keelara was created by the Great Spirit Mata Nui on an unknown Southern Island, along with the other Makuta.

Keelara P-02

Another black-and-white drawing of Keelara's default form

Keelara worked in the Brotherhood for many years, creating Rahi to aid the Matoran. At some point during this time, Keelara and the other Makuta evolved into a gaseous state. Because of this, Keelara's armor was upgraded in order to better contain and protect her Antidermis.

When Teridax became leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Keelara resigned from the organization, as she disagreed with Teridax's goals. For this reason, she was forced to be constantly alert for possible Brotherhood assassins.

Sometime later, Keelara began to form plans to escape the Matoran Universe and conquer an outside world. To accomplish this, she created legions of specialized Rahi for use in battle, as well as large numbers of Rahkshi to assist and lead them in her absence.

Personality and Traits[]

Keelara was kind and gentle at heart, but possessed the desire for power and streak of arrogance that marked the Makuta species. Though not easily angered, she possessed a very destructive temper. She was also fascinated by science, and was very dedicated to finding ways to improve and supplement her legions.

Unlike most other Makuta, Keelara viewed Rahi as living, thinking entities, rather than mere animals. She was fascinated by their lifestyles and habits, and often traveled to exotic locations in order to study them.

Keelara wore blue and white protosteel armor. This, combined with her rather small size, often resulted in other beings mistaking her for a Toa of Lightning. Keelara used this to her advantage, often posing as a wandering member of the the aforementioned species.


Strength: 10
Agility: 12
Toughness: 11
Mind: 14

Powers and Equipment[]

Like most Makuta, Keelara wielded the element of Shadow, as well as all forty-two Kraata powers.

Keelara wore a stylized Kanohi Rau, Great Mask of Translation, which she often used to communicate with Rahi.

In addition to a throwing dagger which she usually carried in a scabbard on her lower leg, Keelara wore small canisters in her belt, known as Mistika Gas Canisters, which contained several different types of gaseous substances. As Makuta did not need to breathe air, Keelara herself was immune to the effects of these gases, which were only absorbed through the lungs.


  • Keelara once defeated Twilight in a non-canon role-play arena battle in the Wiki Metru chat room.
  • The pictures of Keelara are actually Legends of Metru Nui concept art for Nokama.
  • Keelara is one of Toa Roden's favorite female characters.


Canon Appearances[]

Non-Canon Appearances[]

  • Deadly Alliances