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Kedavorahn 1
Tools Rhotuka Blades
Status Unknown
Location Isakrah
Pronunciation kee-dar-vor-ran

The Kedavorahn are skeletal warrior drones that are controlled by the Sygran.


When the Sygran took over Isakrah, he had a need for henchmen to watch over and subdue any prisoners or spies that got in his way. So he created the Kedavorahn. They served him throughout the ages, until Covoc and the Toa Krano destroyed most of them.

Abilities and Traits[]

As automatons, the Kedavorahn have no emotions or feelings. They do not think for themselves, instead relying on programmed protocols and on the Sygran's thoughts.

They themselves are not imbued with any powers, but are very durable, and will re-form if broken apart.

Mask and Tools[]

All Kedavorahn carry two Rhotuka Blades. The spinner power varies, but only amongst the follwoing powers:

  • Intangibility (Temporary)
  • Poison
  • Shattering
  • Petrification (Temporary)
  • Sleep
  • Dematerialization (Temporary)

However, the Rhotuka do take a few minutes to charge after use.


When they are not needed, Kedavorahn return to their docking stations. These stations resemble stone pillars. When a Kedavorahn stands on them, nanites course through them and start repairing any damage, whilst also sending the Kedavorahn into hibernation. When this happens, they gain the appearance of a stone statue.

Other beings have been known to stand on these both accidentally and to hide from the Sygran. They do not realise until it is too late that the nanites are inside them, changing aspects of their bodies. Some became Kedavorahn, whilst others suffered worse fates.


  • The Kedavorahn are loosely based on the skeleton warriors from Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse.