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Group Blood of Karzahni
Occupation Enforcer
Element None
Powers None
Kanohi None
Tools Modified Kanohi Disk Launcher
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna


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Kayach is a member of a nearly wiped out four-eyed species, and a member of the Blood of Karzahni.



Kayach's race was, like all others, created by the great beings. During The Great Cataclysm, his island happened to be in a bad spot, causing the destruction of all but himself and four others. They all went their separate ways.

Blood of Karzahni

Kayach was on the third base of the Blood of Karzahni long before Commakand arrived there. He just waited and lived. During Commakand and Lekrave's wanderings, they did encounter him, and Commakand remembered him. After membership had increased, Flaze was sent to recruit Kayach, and turned him into an effective enforcer.

Spherus Magna

Kayach was a lone troop in the attack on New Artahka. He would often sneak around enemy lines and smash the Toa from behind.

Abilities and Traits

Kayach has four eyes, two of which can see in the dark, and regulate how much light goes through them so as to not be blinded by bright lights. Kayach himself is smart, and he is rather effective at wounding people, though he has an aversion to killing anything besides scum like Skakdi.


Kayach holds a modified disk launcher, which has allowed him to inflict pain on those he was sent to punish. If you count it, one hand of his is meant totally for smashing, which he has used to break through metal doors to get to his target.