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"She is strong, endurant, fearless...yet logical and very resourceful. All that makes her a military force worthy of any ally's respect. And worthy of any enemy's fear."
Taryn describing Kavlok

Kavlok is the Ce-Matoran Captain of the Ga-Kavaka Guard, who was never made aware that she was a Ce-Matoran, and lived believing she was a Ga-Matoran.


Early History[]

She was created by the Great Spirit Mata Nui, as all other Matoran, and originally lived on a small island on a lake in the Southern Continent; the same village Vican originated from. Wishing to see more of the Matoran Universe, she gave up he job she had at the village, and became a travelling merchant.

After many years travelling, she finally decided to settle in Kavaka Nui, an island she had visited before, as she had enjoyed the island's scenery and the friendly villagers' hospitality. She decided to settle in Ga-Kriva, a floating village in a bay on the north of the island, as she liked to living close to the sea, and felt at home with fellow Ga-Matoran, believing she was one.

She joined the Ga-Kriva Guard, and quickly proved herself to be a fearless warrior - having beaten back, almost single-handedly, several dangerous Rahi from the village - as well as a logical and immensely respectable military leader. For this, the village's Turaga, Matara suggested to the Guard Captain, Noli, that Kavlok became Guard Captain instead. Noli challenged Kavlok to a duel, which Kavlok won, thus becoming the Guard Captain, with Noli Second-in-command. The two have been friends since.

The Golden Age of Kavaka Nui[]

Kavlok watched as the villages of Kavaka Nui swelled into cities. It was around this time that she became friends with Taryn, admiring him for his strength and wit.

Rise of the Cutl[]

When the Cutl rose to power, two of their number, Pavarakh and Lavurnius, came to Ga-Kriva and sunk the city, with the help of the local Toa, Armai, Kavlok and the Ga-Kriva Guard were able to evacuate many of the inhabitants of the city, however, Turaga Matara could not be saved, and was swept towards the island of Kra-Kavaka. Her fate remains unknown.

She and the Ga-Kriva Guard, since Ga-Kriva was now in ruins at the bottom of Matara Bay, renamed themselves the Ga-Kavaka Guard, and assisted the Ga-Matoran and Toa Armai in building a few scattered coastal villages, which the Ga-Matoran inhabit to this day.

Armai, Kavlok and the guard based themselves in the village on the shore of Matara Bay, but dispersed several of their number in the other villages.

One day, she went and visited Taryn, whom had found some spare time to visit her, as he now bore the role of his insane Turaga. The two walked along the coastline of Ta-Kavaka, and came across a lava lake, and Taryn spotted something shining on an island in the centre. He toppled a dead tree into the lava lake, and climbed onto the island, finding an archaic chestplate made of latorium. He offered it to Kavlok, but she insisted the prize was his. The two walked further, before returning to their villages.

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