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"You don't know much about me do you? Well, for one thing, I don't get exhausted. I have yet to feel the sensation of catching my breath, which brings me to my next point. I'm not vulnerable to oxygen deprivation, Azure"
―Kavgon to Azure, Battling For Power

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Slikra Nui

Kavgon is an upper-class Steltian bent on controlling Slikra Nui.


Early Life[]

Kavgon lived as a clan leader on the island of Stelt until he was banished for murdering a neighboring clan member for glancing at him peculiarly. Unbeknownst to his clan, Kavgon had been experimenting on himself for an extended period of time in an attempt to enhance his combat abilities. Kavgon succeeded in his efforts the night of his banishment ceremony, and used his newfound powers to to almost completely level his old village, along with injuring or killing half of his former clan. Since then, multiple surviving members of his clan have been pursuing him ever since, namely Ceroq, who lost his arm and his family in the massacre and has sworn vengeance on Kavgon.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kavgon has always been known for his brutality and decisive tactics, as well as a love of dominion over "lesser" beings.

Kavgon has the ability to open a section of his chest armor and release a powerful blast of sound energy. Kavgon's body is a stable energy form possessing mass and sentience, not unlike a Makuta's Antidermis. This form is not bound by normal Matoran, Toa and other being's limitations; Kavgon does not need food or sleep, nor can he be harmed by disease, oxygen deprivation, etc. Additionally, he seems to have at least some degree of telekinetic powers, as demonstrated in Battling for Power, when Kavgon pulled Azure from across the room to him with only a few gestures of his hand.