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Kavast 2-1-
Group Himself
Occupation Mercenary/Assassin
Element None
Powers None
Kanohi None
Tools Powerful Gun, Sword, Dual Sword
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation KA-vast

Kavast is a master of all things criminal, and sells to the highest bidder, often the Blood of Karzahni.


Early History

Kavast is a member of Takadox's species and was a notable soldier during the League of Six Kingdoms. He was thrown into the pit along with Takadox, who he left.


Due to the Great Cataclysm, Kavast escaped the pit. He was somehow able to breath air once more, how is unknown. During the Toa-Dark Hunter war, Kavast was hired to kill a Toa named Eyron. He spared his life, however, but commanded him to hide out until the war was over, or else next time not so much mercy.

Blood of Karzahni

Flaze noticed Kavast's skill, but doubted he would join the Blood of Karzahni. He did, however, report him to Commakand, who then hired him for a number of things, including breaking into the fortress of Nektann-twice. Fanavak created Kavast's incredibly powerful weapon for him as a reward for the first time, and Conhara made it possible to make his dual-sword electric. He prefers not to get in close, and is rather frail.

Abilities and Traits

Kavast has no special powers. He does, however, have his own sense of honor. He will occasionally spare Toa, though not often. Though he can breath on land, he was not entirely un-mutated and has trouble standing while holding heavy objects, such as his gun.


Kavast's gun has earned him renown by being able to punch a decent-sized hole in Makuta Armor. His electric dual-sword caused the fall of a Dark Hunter by electrifying up the other's blade. He knows how to use both effectively.