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Katagu is a legendary beast that travels through dimensions and space. His closest friends are Clawrisk the Demon and Zephros.


The origins of Katagu remain a mystery to many. Legend has it that before the Matoran Universe came into existence, Katagu emerged from a star, initially resembling a single cell. Journeying through various universes and dimensions, Katagu forged friendships with two Kutoran from an undisclosed universe: Zephros and Ryhx. Katagu once confronted the Demon Lord Hades, yet for reasons unknown, was spared. Upon the creation of the Matoran Universe, Katagu ventured into it, settling in Karda Nui. Although he occasionally left Karda Nui to explore the Universe of Bara Magna, he consistently returned, especially after befriending Clawrisk the Demon.

Karda Nui Saga[]

When the Makuta invaded Karda Nui, Katagu stood against them. Upon his first encounter with Vavakx, he sensed an unsettling aura, which he later identified as the Dark Shed. A shadow leech subsequently attacked Katagu, compelling him to serve Vavakx.

As time passed, after Vavakx was healed by Manauhk, Katagu remained in Karda Nui alongside Koved and Kryehk. However, the arrival of Makuta Zakkond posed a new threat. After a confrontation, a Visorak captured Katagu and Jucrot. While Katagu managed to escape the Makutas' clutches, Jucrot fell victim to the Dark Shed's influence. Concerned, Katagu sought out Veuy to relay the news about Jucrot's fate. In a subsequent event, Katagu rescued Solek from a perilous fall. While searching for Vavakx, Makuta Nutrex unleashed a shadow leech on Solek. Despite the chaos, Katagu informed Vavakx of the situation. Following the intense battle between Vavakx and Zakkond, Veuy foresaw Toa Ignika's self-sacrifice for Mata Nui, predicting a forthcoming storm. In the midst of this prophecy, Katagu played a pivotal role in evacuating the Matoran from Karda Nui.

The Storm's Onset in Karda Nui[]

Choosing to revisit Bara Magna, Katagu witnessed Clawrisk the Demon in combat with the Skrall.

Abilities and Traits[]

Katagu's character remains enigmatic, though he is reputed to despise the element of shadow and all things malevolent. He possesses the unique ability to create dimensional portals and gates, either by roaring or by slashing the air with his claws. Notably, Katagu can traverse the air as if running on solid ground and has the gift of telepathic communication. This skill was notably demonstrated in "Bionicle Tales" with Veuy.


  • Katagu was created by CrazyCarapar(BloodKirby84 in Youtube).
  • Katagu's colors seem to change during time.
  • Katagu is the first MOC to win Diebeq5b's first MOC contest.
  • Katagu has a non-canon personality which was inspired by DigitalPh33r's Master Chief from "Arby n the Chief."
  • Katagu has been favored by many MOCers, but his head was more favored than just himself.
  • If you want to know what Katagu looks like, then watch the videos of CrazyCarapar(BloodKirby84 in Youtube).
  • There is a rumor that there exists an alternate Universe called "Katagu's Nightmare" where characters from alternate Universes are at war against the Glatorians.
  • Katagu has an origin form where he was in a form of a cell-like creature.


  • Tales of a Traitor