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Powers Ice, Energy Blasts, Explode Vision
Tool(s) Double Zamor Crossbow, Buzz Saw
Status Alive
Pronunciation KHAR-dah-cas

Kardakas is a powerfull Skakdi warlord and also secret member of the Dark Hunters.


Kardakas is, along with other Skakdi, a very violent warrior. Because he's more powerfull and much stronger than other Skakdi, he became a great warlord and also a leader of a Skakdi tribe.

Kardakas led many armies of the Skakdi, and won many wars and fights. Because of his good reputation, The Shadowed One became interested in him. He asked Kardakas to join him, but he refused.

Later, Kardakas began to doubt to join the Dark Hunter, so he finaly joined the Shadowed One. But Kardakas also don't wana lose his reputation as a loyal Skakdi warlord, so he became a secret Dark Hunter. Nobody knows of his existence as a Dark Hunter, except The Shadowed One and some other Dark Hunters.

On a mission with another Dark Hunter, he came by an mysterious accident in contact with Energized Protodermis. Instead of being distroyed by the substance, he survived the accident. Later, he found that his physical strenght has enhanced and he has the ability to control Energy powers, as a reasult of the accident.

Kardakas was also hired by the Order of Mata Nui as a secret assassin. He did serval missions for them, and also fought in the Order of Mata Nui / Brotherhood of Makuta War.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kardakas is much more powerfull and stronger than the most other Skakdi. He can even beat a Toa without his weapons. He has more control about his anger than other Skakdi, but can also be very aggresive. He always want to show his strenght, so he will mostly challenges his enemy for a fight. Unlike the most Skakdi, he is very intelligent and can have good strategic plans. He can also handle many weapons.

Kardakas has the ability to control his Ice-powers. He also has the ability to fire powerfull Energy Blasts, that he can channel through his claws or weapons. He also posseseses a powerfull vision power, named Energy Vision or Explode Vision, that allows its user to emit powerfull beams of pure energy from their eye's, and create a powerfull explosion when it hit something.


As a mighty warlord, Kardakas can hadle many weapons. He usualy wields two weapons. In his left hand he wields a Double Zamor Crossbow; a unique weapon with a double zamor launcher and a melee weapon attached on the bottom, wich he can use like a barjonet. His Zamor Spheres contains energy that blinds a target when it hits. He also wields a Buzz Saw, wich attached to his forearm.