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Eamzi was the name given to an island in Mata Nui's left shoulder.


It was largely inhabited by Rahi, but also by a reclusive race of savage warriors called the Eamzi. They were skilled in the art of weaponry, particularly dagger throwing, but they could hold their own in hand to hand combat. They bore a bit of a resemblance to Vortixx, and had very strong culture.


The Eamzi once came across a Vortixx ship from the nearby island of Xia. Attacking swiftly and silently, they were able to drown its crew and board. New to such technology, they wondered where it came from. So, the smart hunters they were, they simply figured out how to turn the ship in the opposite direction, and they set sail. Through difficulty and luck, half of them survived the journey to Xia. Once they got there, they realized that they could soon learn the language and disguise themselves as inhabitants. With their knowledge of weaponry and strategy, they started the industrial revolution on Xia.

On a lesser note, the Dark Hunter Lariska was born and trained on this island. But instead of going to Xia, she decided to search for worthy opponents. So she set sail in her own small boat. After trekking across the island of Matesa, a rocky world inhabited mostly by stone rats, she set sail again and this time landed on Odina. She was confronted by a Dark Hunter, and promptly slew him. Little did she know that Ancient was watching. He took her to the Shadowed One, and Lariska was "recruited" into their mercenary group. She found it to be a worthy use of her time, and Ancient learned of her skill and later alerted the Order of it. They then decided to make her a surprise addition to the Federation of Fear.

It is rumored that Krahka's species also originated on Kandu. This has yet to be proven, but there is a lot of evidence in its favor.


The island consisted mostly of wooded areas, but there were lakes, rivers, and sandy banks as well. To this day there are only a few of Lariska's species left on the island, and they have altered some of it into durable homes and art. Sadly, the Visorak would soon devastate it, mutating and killing the Rahi, and probably Krahka's species as well. In that case she would have escaped on a boat to Xia.