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Kanahka's Chronicle
Date Set
1,000 AGC

Kanahka's Chronicle is a prequel to the bulk of the Altronia Continuity and is written from Kanahka's point of view.


This story was originally created as a side-story to Island of Power. It records the text that Kanahka wrote in his journal, in an effort to chronicle his travels and adventures with Rohko and the other original members of the Avenging Alliance.

The story began being written at the time when the part of Island of Power that details how Buraka found Levuku with a journal was posted. At one point, it actually proceeded faster than the main story, but during the writing of Land of War's second half, it was hardly worked on at all. Sidd then began work on it shortly after said novel's completion, with intent to stall so ArghYeMatey could catch up with him finish it before beginning work on Realm of Chaos, the next novel in the main story.




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NOTE: There are more characters that will appear later, and some whose identities will be unknown at first. This list will be updated as needed.


  • Sidd finds writing for Kanahka to be quite fun. He enjoys the first-person aspect to this story.
  • Originally, Rohko and Kanahka were described as being subject to the psychological effects of Hordika Venom, but Nurtox have since been established to be immune to such effects of the toxin.
  • Kanahka's Chronicle is the Sidd's best-recieved story ever, receiving acclaims from several users on the Lego Message Boards, a few from this wiki, and even ArghYeMatey's Stamp of Favorite Story-ism. A total of seven or eight people have acclaimed the story, which is a lot for one of Sidd's stories.