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Kanohi Kalvali
Type Mask of Power
Ability Grants the user visions of the future
Bearers Makuta Emiraz
Creator Artakha

The Kanohi Kalvali is the Mask of Prophecy.


The Mask of Prophecy was forged by Artakha for Makuta Emiraz over 99,000 years ago. In this time, it warned Emiraz of the coming League of Six Kingdoms, and revealed its next wearer, Xeirak, through its visions. Due to this, Emiraz handed over the Kanohi, allowing Xeirak to eventually used it to barter his way into Mantax's chain of command, after the warlord's conquest of Sako Nui.

The Mask of Prophecy was stored underneath the island of Fantos Prika long ago, and currently is being kept at an unknown location.


The Kanohi Kalvali is similar to a Mask of Clairvoyance, although is massively more powerful, and much stranger in the way it works. At times, it will show days worth of future events, while sometimes it will only show flashes. The Kalvali will usually also answer questions about the future posed by its wearer.

There has, however, been some question into the accuracy of the mask, and it is true that only Artakha truly knows how the Mask of Prophecy works.