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Canon Kalmah1
League of Six Kingdoms (formerly), Barraki
Memory sharing with squids (formerly), limited regeneration (formerly)
Tentacles, Squid Launcher
Alive; mutations reversed
Spherus Magna

Kalmah was a warlord and former member of the League of Six Kingdoms.


Kalmah was a member of the six Barraki and involved in the creation of the League of Six Kingdoms. Later, he and the other Barraki rose up in rebellion against Mata Nui, a rebellion that was quickly squashed by the Brotherhood of Makuta. However, before he could be executed, he was spirited away to the Pit by Botar for his crimes against the Great Spirit.

When the Great Cataclysm struck the Matoran Universe, the quake hit the Pit, destroying it and allowing is prisoners to escape. When the jailer, Hydraxon was killed, the prisoners were allowed to make a new life in the waters of Aqua Magna, although they were mutated by the black waters. Kalmah and the other Barraki built a kingdom beneath the seas which was destroyed when Mahri Nui came dislodged from the from Voya Nui and sank to the bottom of the ocean. The Barraki were forced to hide beneath the city, striking at the Matoran whenever they could.

When the Mask of Life sank beneath the sea, the Barraki all attempted to obtain it to restore themselves to their previous forms, and to resume their conquests in the Matoran Universe anew. However, the Toa Mahri prevented them from using it to their own ends in the Battle of Mahri Nui. Later, Dekar-Hydraxon recaptured the former prisoners of the Pit, including Kalmah.

During Destiny War, the Order called upon the four remaining Barraki to revive their old League. The Barraki rebuilt their shattered armies and attacked the Brotherhood fortresses. They then approached The Shadowed One to propose an alliance with a feasible plan to overthrow Teridax. Part of this involved the Barraki marching their armies upon Metru Nui. When the Shadowed One disappeared, Pridak went ahead with the plan, but before the armies could arrive, Teridax was defeated by Mata Nui.


In the MARVELOUS-Verse, Kalmah was a Minor Lord, one of Karzahni's four vassals, who ruled over the island of Odina.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kalmah tended to use a pair of Tentacles and a squid launcher during his time in the Pit. Kalmah was later been upgraded by the Order of Mata Nui, now using his Tentacles as an extra pair of limbs. Kalmah also wielded a pair of Pro-steel blades, and he no longer used a Squid Launcher.

Picture Form Description
Canon Kalmah1 Canon form Kalmah as he appeared in the canon BIONICLE storyline.
Super Kalmah CrazyCarapar form Kalmah as designed by CrazyCarapar.
BTD27 Kalmah Stars 01 STARS form Kalmah rendered in BIONICLE STARs form by BobTheDoctor27.


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