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Kaller is a female Toa of Fire and was best friend of Valer, before he died.


Kaller once befriended Valer, and both had a unique relationship.

At one point in Kaller's life, she fought a Makuta known as Fearack. She narrowly escape the Makuta's wrath.

When Takuru became evil, she, Sonicus, Nakama, Teraza, Valer, and Manter created a time machine and went back in time to stop Takuru from becoming evil.

Kaller vs Fearack

Kaller fighting Fearack.


When she and the other Toa went back in time, they were ambushed by Takuru and Lewu. Nakama was able to convince Takuru and Lewu that they were on their side. Later, the Toa told them how and why they got to the past.

Suddenly, Kaller was ambushed by Hewok. Toron and the Makuta's appeared and battle the Toa's. When Vahi Makuta attempted to kill her, she kicked him, knocking him to the ground. With the help from Seper and Verks, Toron and the other Makuta's retreated.

Later, the Toa's and Order members were discussing that they need to find a way to defeat the Makuta. During the conversation, a being known as Hathu fell from the sky and told the Toa' and Order that he was from another universe and needed help finding a Olmak worn by a Matoran. Kaller and the others agreed to help.

Under the orders of Takuru, Kaller paired up with Sonicus.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kaller is bold and caring, and had a great friendship with Valer. But sadly ended when she learned of his death and now has a bitter hatred with Hathu.

As a Toa of Fire, Kaller has near-perfect command over heat and flame. As such, at a basic level, she could create, control, and absorb open fire and/or heat. Examples of this include creating fireballs, generating a rain of fire, absorbing the heat in an area, and putting out fires.

Powers and Equipment[]

As a Matoran, Kaller had innate Fire powers, which manifested as a resistance to heat. As a Toa, she gained complete control over her fire powers.

It is unknown what her Kanohi is, but she carries two claws.


  • Kaller was created by former- outuber toamagmare28 (A.K.A., Jetfire28).
  • Unusually, Kaller is a female Toa of Fire