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Group Mahri Nui Inhabitants
Occupation Healer
Element Psionics
Kanohi Noble Mihini
Status Alive
Location Mahri Nui
Pronunciation Kai-ruh

"All I’ve ever been able to do is pick through dead bodies, and I’ve learned more from sticks than I have from those."
―Kaira, Rock Bottom

Kaira is a Ce-Matoran originally from the Tren Krom Peninsula. She currently resides in the sunken city of Mahri Nui.



Abilities and Traits

Kaira is antisocial and easily aggravated. She would prefer to be left alone to her own devices, but is not so insensitive as to turn away a Matoran in need. For this reason, and her extensive knowledge of medicine and Matoran anatomy, she became the village healer, a post she resumed in Mahri Nui after an accident sent her through Karzahni to be "fixed."

Irritable on a good day, Kaira has horrible bedside manner, and generally will say whatever she's thinking regardless of what it is or to whom is nearby. She generally does exactly what she thinks needs to be done, regardless of what others might suggest. This leads her to clash with others over various issues, and generally keeps most Matoran from visiting her except in times of great need.

Powers and Equipment

As a Ce-Matoran she would have a natural resistance to mental probes and attacks. However, her full potential of psychic abilities are inaccessible as she is not a Toa. In addition, she had a considerable about of brainpower, making her "smarter" than most other Matoran. While not the main reason, this has only served to further the rift between her and the other Matoran.

While not in possession of weapons, Kaira has a variety of tools used for scientific and medical purposes. Her hut boasts an extensive collection of scalpels, magnification devices, and all manner of odd yet useful trinkets. She wears a Noble Kanohi Mihini, the Mask of Biomechanics, specially forged with a telescopic lense back in her old village on the Tren Krom Peninsula.