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Kahu Street 3
Primary Residents Tapio and his friends, later Ura and Ran
Location Comic Land, Bz-Metru
Status Damaged and deserted

On Kahu Street 3 was located Tapio's comic studio. It's a part of Bz-Metru in Comic Land. The gateway to the studio was destroyed by Grandeg. The damage has been repaired and Ura and Ran live in the house.



The destroyed entrance before repairing

It is unknown when this building was built. It's a quite old building, however. When Tapio and his friends moved to Comic Land, they bought this house as their comic studio.

When Grandeg attacked for the first time, at the studio, he blew off the whole entrance. Tapio and his friends later left on a mission and Kah and Kah got a chance to rob the whole house. When the heroes returned, they found their furniture gone and decided to move back to Bio-Land.

The house was left for Ura and Ran, who stayed in Comic Land. They repaired the entrance and lived in the house happily with 3 kids. The Rising damaged the studio and Ura and Ran evacuated into the Kowa Mountains with their family, leaving the studio damaged and deserted.


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