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Kahgarak Shield
Create portals to the Zone of Darkness
In Use

The Kahgarak Shield is a tool used and carried by Varon.


The Kahgarak shield, in effect, grants the user the powers of the Kahgarak, specifically, those dealing with transport to the Zone of Darkness. Varon, as long as he grasps the shield, is granted the ability to fire spinners that suck the target into the Zone of Darkness, open portals to the dimension through which he or others can step, or even use the portals to teleport himself by first traveling to the Zone, then returning to his home dimension in a different location.


Varon originally created the shield out of the back armor of a Kahgarak he killed, which he killed during the Visorak's attack on the Nurtox homeland, which resulted in the mutation of the majority of the Nurtox population. Varon used his knowledge of biology to create the Kagharak Shield out of the dead spider while still having it retain its power.

Varon used it to send several mercenaries to the Zone of Darkness during the battle between the Order of Altronia and Makuta Cekadax's army.


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