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Kah and Kah
Black Kakamas

Kah and Kah in the movie

Kah and Kah are twins and robbers. They were never successful and when Tapio moved to Comic Land and started Toatapio Nuva's Comics, nothing changed. The twin robbers decided to aim for the studio on Kahu Street 3 and made many unsuccessful attempts to rob the studio during the Time in Comic Land. But they got into the adventure of their life very soon afterwards...


Toatapio Nuva's Comics[]

Kah and Kah tried to rob Tapio's studio many times, failing each time.

Quest for the Four Great Lands[]


Kah and Kah arguing at Firehead's Fortress

When Tapio and his friends along with Zuxan had left for their mission, Kah and Kah came to the studio which was deserted and had it's doorway destroyed. The robbers stole everything they could find, including the sleeping Nahi. They were surprised by Wind Rider, Potato Guy and King Bio. The three Matoran went secretly on the truck while Kah and Kah drove away.

The Matoran jumped off when the truck stopped. Kah and kah started to unload their cargo but were attacked by King Bio and Bz-Guards from the other side and Ziggo and Morphy from the other. In the end, both were teleported to Firehead.

They were not freed until Firehead himself discovered that they could be useful to them. He gave them a task to ride two Grandeg's Airships which had Teleporting Guns in them and shoot blasts at Matoran from the Four Great Lands. Kah and Kah, however escaped with the airships to their hideout, collected the stolen cargo and flew away, successfully. The robbers haven't been since, they are living a rich life in an unknown land, with all of Tapio's furniture.

The Rising[]

Since it's unknown in what land Kah & Kah were during The Rising, it's effects on them is unknown. Also, their part of the Great Migration is unknown for this very reason.

Abilities and Traits[]

Both of them are stupid. Their IQ is really low, but Kah 2(the one on the right) is slightly more smart and able to plan than the other.


Kah and Kah don't have any personal tools. They once used a big laserblasting machine at Tapios comics, but it was destroyed.


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