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Range Jydivia
Type Large
Colors Blue
Diet Sea Rahi
Natural Tools Claws
Notable Members "Depth Charge"

Jyraxians are the race native of Jydivia.


All Jyraxians are blue with glowing red eyes, except for their spines. The spines on their backs define their rank in society. To name a few:

  • Blue - Ordinary civilian-class Jyraxian
  • Silver - Soldier-class Jyraxian
  • Yellow - Leader-class Jyraxian
  • Green - Female leader-class Jyraxian
  • Black - Slave-class Jyraxian

Whilst there may be others, these are the most significant spines.

Another breed of Jyraxian is the Tribe Mystic, who have mysterious powers over the element of Psychometrics.

Jyraxian Tribe Mystic

A Jyraxian Tribe Mystic

Jyraxians can wear Kanohi masks, but mostly do not, as they do not have the materials to create their own.

Abilities and Traits[]

All Jyraxians have extremely hard shells and large claws, as well as heat vision, water breathing and flight abilities.

Jyraxians are strong and aggressive, apart from when with another of their species, which is why they mostly choose not to leave Jydivia. They also eat sea rahi.

Natural Tools[]

Jyraxians all have four sharp claws (two on each hand) which helps them during farming, or for defense or attack. They have been likened to Protosteel.

Known Jyraxians[]

  • The current ruler of Jydivia
  • Depth Charge
  • A soldier who tried to capture Frydax