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Nuva Mask of Corruption
covers target in rust, decomposes lifeless objects
Component Kanoka

The Kanohi Jutlin Nuva is the Kanohi Nuva version of the Mask of Corruption. Unlike the normal Jutlin, it targets anything, and it covers it's target with rust in about three seconds, then decompose in about an instant. Like any other Nuva mask, it's powers could be shared with anyone nearby.

Before recreating Antroz, Makuta Metrados dipped a Kanohi Jutlin he had in Energized Protodermis, which resulted in the creation of a Kanohi Jutlin Nuva. Though before he put it on Antroz, he had it tested to see what it's enhanced powers did. He then put it on himself to absorb the mask's powers into his Jamok.

Only one has been created so far.


  • Antroz (wears only created one)
  • Metrados (power stored in Jamok)


  • It is unknown why the mask looks like the Vehicle-adapted Jutlin.
  • If the target is a moving one, they will be harder to use the mask's power on.