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Junk Behemoth
Powers None
Tools Gaint Claw, Flamepowered Armblade
Status Active
Location Unknow
Pronunciation N/A

The Junk Behemoth's are robotic creatures that were created by the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Brotherhood of Makuta[]

Junk Behemoth's were created by the Brotherhood of Makuta to protect and serve the Brotherhood. They were completely made of garbage and junk, and even from remainings of death bodies. The Makuta used them to protect the brotherhood, or to attack enemies. They made some little armies of these robots and let them attack together in great groups, or each appart for some simple missions. Some of those armies are combined with armies of Fohrok or Visorak. The most armies are defeated by the Toa Hagah and other warriors.

Dark Hunters[]

Also the Dark Hunters had made a small amount of those Robots. They had stolen a prototype of a Junk Behemoth from the Brotherhood of Makuta, and used their ideas to make their own army with Junk Behemoths. They made a little army with a small amount of those mechanical beings. They were very usefull for the Dark Hunters as well, because they can follow orders, so they can do several missions for them.

Abilities and Traits[]

Junk Behemoth's are mechanical beings of destruction. They can be really dangerous and they have massive strength. They are even able to kill a Toa. Because they are completely robotic, they feel no pain, so they will never get hurt. They are also very destructive and they will never give up during their mission. Although they are very strong, they have no real elemental powers. But they are able to shoot firebolts or weak energy-blasts through their armblades or claw.

The original Junk Behemoth's looks very rusty and are not very stable, because they are almost completely made of garbage and junk. The second version that was made by the Dark Hunters looks much better and is more stable than the original robots.


A Junk Behemoth wields two weapons. Their weapons are always attached to their forearm or have a bladed weapon instead of a normal arm. Their right arm normaly consist of a Double Flamepowered Armblade wich attached to their right schoulder instead of a normal arm. They can shoot powerfull firebolts trought them, or use them for Melee Combat. They can also be extremely hot, so it can slice easily trough almost any substance, except protosteel. Their left arm consist of a huge and strong Claw. It can be used to deflect any attack that's used agains them or even to catch a sharp sword with bare hands and pulverize it to dust. The claw is made of pure protosteel and other hard substances, and it is even proof agains intense heat vision. A Junk Behemoth can also fire a weak Energy Blast through their claw, but they can do this only a few times.