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Group Potato Robbers
Kanohi Blue Miru
Colors Dark blue, light blue
Occupation Alex's assistant
Tools N/A
Kuvat 073
Group N/A
Kanohi Unknown
Colors Blue
Element Presumably water
Tools N/A
Location Bio-Land
Status Deceased
Pronounciation N/A

Juho was a Matoran who was the only member of Potato Robbers who stood with Alex. And he assisted him to death.


Potato Robbers[]

Juho was Alex's bodyguard for as long as anyone can remember. He was Alex's bodyguard during the time they were in Potato Robbers team. When the team was banned from Comic Land, Juho was the only member to stay with Alex and move with him to Bio-Land. Juho was very loyal to him.

Alliance of the Enemies[]

During the Alliance of the Enemies, Inwirn lied to Juho that Alex had died and that he had to have revenge on the ones who killed him. Juho joined Inwirn with lust for revenge. Juho also got fused to the Ketawnki, becoming a powerful Matoran after the defusion.

Return of the Enemies and Tonga's Attack[]

In Return of the Enemies, Inwirn told Juho that if she was in a hopeless situation when the good guys arrived, she would give her powers to Juho so that he could save her. But when this situation came, it seemed that Inwirn died. She had given Juho the power and he had turned into a Toa because of this but Juho didn't even look for her because he thought that she had died for sure. When Rordika saved inwirn, she wanted to have revenge on Juho, who had taken Dumpa with him. Juho, however, did save Inwirn from Rordika, making his lair collapse. Juho, Dumpa and Inwirn then ran away. During Tonga's Attack, Lerahk joined them too, since he was the only Rahkshi who survived.

War of the Clones[]

They together then constructed the Cloning Machine and cloned Lerahk armies. Juho and Dumpa were Inwirns bodyguards in her lair. But in the end, Henkka fought Juho and killed him there. No memorial was ever held for Juho... he died and was forgotten.

Abilities and Traits[]

Juho was REALLY loyal to Alex. He wouldn'it have betrayed him for anything. He also seemed to consider Alex a friend, unlike Alex did Juho. Juho was really upset when he thought that Alex was killed and wanted revenge on Tapio and his friends. That was the only reason why he joined Inwirn. He still continued to be loyal, this time towards Inwirn.

Juho wasn't excactly evil, he was just Alex's friend. If Alex would've turned good, Juho would've followed him the same way. Juho was also surprisingly calm and polite. This only changed while fighting.

Mask and Tools[]

Juho never had any tools, except when he was in the Potato Robbers. His tool then is unknown, however. Juho didn't have any mask powers.

When he turned a Toa, Juho got a mask, but never used it's powers. He also didn't get a Toa tool.

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