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"Get off of my lawn before I bust your head open!"
―Jube to some Matoran

Jube is a Turaga of Silver.



As a Matoran, Jube always dreamed about being a Toa, he thought it was the best thing in the world. Finally when he was old enough, he went and joined the Toa and found it wasn't as fun he thought it would be. He was picked on all the time by other Toa because he was so short and fat. He was always left out of conversations because, what Jube believed, was because he had no mask power. Because Jube had no mask power and he didn't know how to fight worth a darn, Jube was made an infantry Toa. On missions, he was to stay behind and shoot the enemies from a distance. Again, because of this position, Jube felt he was left out all the time. This bad experience is what landed him what he is today, a grumpy, old, fat Turaga.


When Jube became a Turaga, he moved into a lake house near Bara Magna. He spent the days throwing rocks at fish and sometimes throwing rocks at little Matoran and Agori kiddies who jumped over his fence.

Jube, one day, was chasing some Matoran off his lawn when one of them stumbled and fell behind. Jube caught this Matoran, who's name was Weasel, and threatened him. Weasel begged for his life and Jube spared it. However, the Matoran did not leave. Jube told it to leave again but the Matoran just stood there. Jube later got used to ignoring this Matoran, but the Matoran followed him where ever he went. Jube later found out that this Matoran was an orphan and had no place to go. Jube took the Matoran in and the Matoran took to him quite warmly. This didn't really change Jube's character though, Jube was as arrogant and bossy as ever and he used the Matoran as a servant regularly. He even acted like a big jerk to CallanLoF.

Jube's life ended though, when he went on a mission with some Toa, Weasel and his robot, Gardunis. They were ambushed by an Ex-Toa called Nexus and were sent down to the Underworld.

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Toa Jube