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Joshtan Mountains
Primary Residents Some Rahi
Location Mabauto
Status Intact

Joshtan before Bio-Land broke off Mabauto.

Joshtan Mountains are an old mountainrange on Mabauto, where the Mabauto village of Ko-Koro is located.


The Joshtan Mountains were once much bigger, but when Bio-Land broke off Mabauto, a big part of the mountains went with the new continent. Some mountains stayed in Mabauto, however and the Joshtan Mountains continued to excist.

When The Makuta took over Mabauto, he placed all the white Tohunga in the mountains and forced them to build a village there. They lived in slavery for many years until the Holy Toa freed the island.

The Rising didn't affect the Joshtan Mountains since they were so far away of the scene. However, the Joshtan Mountains are in danger now that Teridax has began walking in his new body...

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