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Original form100 3107Alternate universe versionJorafixcured
Shadow, Light
Avsa (Formerly), Crast

Jorafix is a Makuta.


Jorafix was willed into being by the Great Beings near the beginning of the universe, but lay dormant for the first century of his existence because the Great Beings deemed him mentally unstable and regarded him as a failure. He was unintentionally released when a mechanical failure connected to his suspended animation unit allowed him to gain enough mental awareness to use his Avsa and drain the energy of passing Rahi, until He built up sufficient strenth to escape from the Great Being's archives.

While visiting a mirror universe for a unknown purpose, Jorafix met an alternate of himself. He attempted to consume and absorb the energies of this alternate in the hopes he would enhance his own powers two-fold. However, Jorafix underestimated the mental willpower his alternate possessed, and both Makuta found themselves evenly matched. Eventually, the pair willingly agreed to become one. In this form Jorafix isn't necessarily good or evil, but he is in much more in control of his emotions and has a greater mastery over his powers, as well as his Kanohi, leading him to believe the Great Beings may have accidentally split him into two separate versions of himself in the process of his creation, explaining his unbalanced nature up until the point he absorbed his other half, finally making him whole.

Abilities & Traits[]

As a Makuta, Jorafix can create, control, and absorb Shadow. He also has access to the 42 Kraata powers.

Jorafix was a mentally unstable being until he became one with his other half, at which point he became a much more balanced and as a result more dangerous Makuta.

Mask & Tools[]

Jorafix wears the Kanohi Crast, Mask of Repulsion. He first wore a Kanohi Avsa, but it was lost in a battle. He prefers to use his natural powers and hand to hand combat.


  • Jorafix was never assigned a region by the Great Beings to look over due to his unstable state.