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"Inwirn wasn't afraid to attack Jikalma Village. It would be when they called their neighbour village to help, where the problems would start."
Jikalma Village
Primary Residents Matoran, Tohunga
Location Bio-Land, North, next to Tohunga Village
Status Partially destroys, floating in the Endless Ocean

Jikalma Village is the other one of the known villages which contains Tohunga. It however, has some regular Matoran living on it too. Jikalma Village is floating over the sea, it has been built like Ga-Koro in Mata Nui. On waterlillies. The village has a tough defense but the inhabitants aren't as skilled as the Tohunga on Tohunga Village, which they trade things with continuisly.


Jikalma Village is one of the oldest villages on Bio-Land besides the Tohunga Village. It was built on the other side of the Bilda River than the Tohunga Village.

Jikalma Village was known by the other beings on Bio-Land long beofre Tohunga Village. It got attacked in the Matoran Hordika's Army/Monster Army War but survived, although it was conquered for a while. The next time it got attacked was in the War of the Clones. That attack and all damage done to the village was erased by Tapio's Mistakes.

During the War Against the Spiders of Doom, Jikalma Village's Tohunga were evacuated in the Tohunga Village where the two village's Tohunga stood together and fought the Spiders of Doom when they came. The Spiders rampaged through the deserted Jikalma Village on their way, damaging it.

The earthquake caused by The Rising was so hard that the whole Jikalma Village broke from the shore and started drifting in the ocean without it's inhabitants.


  • Thul and Thal are the official Toa of Jikalma Village
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