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The Kanohi Jegrid is the Mask of Death.

Creation and History[]

It is as of now unknown exactly who created the Kanohi Jegrid, but ancient texts found in the catacombs underneath Slikra Nui bear record of a "Soul Vampire" who apparently terrorized the colonists of the island that Slikra Nui now stands on. No one has since seen or heard of any such thing, and the mask has fallen into legend, and most Matoran and Toa alike do not believe it exists.


The potency of the Jegrid's abilities are all depends on the user's willpower. Most users can only slowly sap the strength of a target, but beings of higher intelligence may very well be able to considerably drain a targets energies within a very short amount of time, and if not interupted, kill them.


While the Jegrid can be used as a very powerful tool, it has a few weaknesses, one of the biggest being that a target will feel drained and weak as the mask is used on them, alerting them. Another is that the mask's power lies in the willpower of its user, so it can be a difficult kanohi to master.