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Bottles up emotions until the user can't take it anymore, and starts attacking everyone or become athletically more powerful.

The Kanohi Jaxok is the Mask of Fury. It feeds on it's users hates and desire and turns it into sheer power. The mask was forged by toa Zoruxx as is currently in the possension of Katron. It has the apperance of a Kadax Nui variant of the Miru to fool Katron into not knowing that he has the Jaxok. The more angry the user gets the more powerful he becomes. It also causes short term memory loss, specifically about when the mask was in use. The user find it hard to control the mask but Katron has gained some control over it. It also seems to have a mind of its own. It can also adapt mechanical items; proven in Toa Imydrex's Blog the mask adapted the MVT's midaks to huge blaster cannons to fight off Red Dragons

User (s)[]

  • Katron
  • Jex (formerly)
  • An unamed matoran of lightning (briefly)

Upgrades and Creations[]

The mask can adapt and totaly upgraded mechanical items at will. Some examples of this are:

  • An Upgraded MVT


As shown in Chapter 18 of Toa Imydrex's Blog it seems to stop working if electrocuted


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Bionicle1 963

Zoruxx's blue-prints of the Jaxok.

Jaxok glow

The Jaxok in use, showing off its infamous glow