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Jardel (species)
One left from Rakatu
Rakatu (Formerly)

The Jardel were a sapient race living on Aqua Magna, with only one known to exist.



Jardel are thin, dark-armored bipeds with bulbous green eyes, three-jointed legs, and claws on all four limbs. They have a protrusion extending from the back of their heads, which serves an unknown purpose, besides looking awesome.


Jardel are flexible and could be considered natural contortionists. They can easily bend their spines and other joints into very painful-looking positions without discomfort or even great effort. They are also very acrobatic. This skill, combined with their claws and their flexibility, make Jardel quite formidable in combat, despite having no real powers. Their ability to heal more rapidly and more completely than most also adds to their combat potential.

Jardel are also capable of amphibious breathing, and are immune to the Pit mutagen.

Natural Tools[]

Jardel have two claws on their feet and three on their hands, which are made of a durable metallic substance. Their eyes can also see in all directions, many angles permitting binocular vision.

Society and Culture[]

The Jardel had a peaceful society, and really just wanted to be left alone. Within their cities, they were just as varied as any other race in their dealings with each other, and also very self-sufficient.


The Jardel were created by the Great Beings along with most of Spherus Magna. They lived in relative peace with, but much seclusion from, the rest of the community.

Being amphibious, they made a home in the waters of Aqua Magna, forming an underwater city. They were hardly affected by the Shattering, and almost found it nice to have the whole planet to themselves. When a volcano erupted, forming Rakatu, they quickly made their home there.

The Jardel lived in peace and happiness for 90,000 years, then the Mata Nui robot was locked in standby, causing it to plummet to Aqua Magna, right on top of Rakatu. All the Jardel on Rakatu were decimated, save one, who swore revenge on Mata Nui, through any means possible.

Known Individuals[]


  • "Jardel" is a run-together of the initials of two people Sidd knows.