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Jarúvian, also referred to as language of the streets, is a language mainly used by the inhabitants of the rundown and slum-like areas of Zypvera.


The first recorded use of the Jarúvian language was by several unidentified prisoners in a Restellian prison during the Chroros Nui Civil War. It was shortly after their release that the use of the language spread through the poorer regions of the Restellian cities, specifically the slum suburbs of Çerrhul and Dyn'inu.

After many years the use of the language began to spread along the coasts of Chroros Nui and then inland, still primarily spoken by the slum dwellers. However, soon after the sudden spread of Jarúvian several of its words, idioms and slang phrases managed to integrate themselves into the modern language.



Agnol (ag-NULL)
Shelter, Place of refuge
Anotyyh (an-oh-TOY)
Bug, Insect
Argole (ARE-goal)
Brantorr (bran-TORE)
Byllekc (BILL-eck)
Çen'ghrav (SEN-grahv)
Funny, Humourous
Chén (CHAIN)
Him, Her, It
Dalchore (dall-CORE)
Dharr (duh-HARR)
Eivalle (AY-vall)
Prey, Target
Fézeck (FAY-zeck)
Alias, Codename
Feldt (FELL-tuh)
Area, Location, Region, City, Town, etc. (usually 'Place')
Fyghra (FEE-grah)
Comrade, Friend
Fyltorh (FILL-torr)
Graq (GRACK)
Granthix (GRAN-thicks)
Grouu (GRAW)
They, Them
Gynresh (GUN-resh)
Hlae'rhaa (hleye-RAH)
Jungle, Forest, Woodland
Hygevni (HIGH-gev-knee)
Iloniq (ILL-on-ick)
Deceitful, Deceiving
Joopral (JOO-prall)
Explosive temper
Kranallahn (cran-al-AN)
Combat, Battle, Fight
Kyzynw (KAI-zun-oo)
Army, Faction, Force, Team
Lapoe (la-POH)
Lohtune (loh-TUNE)
Rubbish, Trash (usually as an insult)
Melcarnik (mell-CARN-ick)
Lie, Sarcasm
Nergn (Nern)
Niuyt (NEWT)
Enemy, Rival
Ngusimai (ng-oo-SIM-ay)
Oeyanze (oh-yan-ZEE)
Pholen (FOLL-en)
Armour, Protection, Shield
Rahgin (RAH-jin)
Commonly used to refer to rahi
Thalleish (thall-AYSH)
Thernimo (thern-i-MOW)
Set of rules
Welliray (WELL-ee-ray)
Armoury, Cache
Xemnii (zem-KNEE)
Hunter, Predator
Ygenuu (ee-jen-OO)
Ugly (when referring to personality)


Cran'zhu (cran-ZOO)
Hefynté (hev-un-TAY)
Hunuzek (WHO-noo-zeck)
Closest translation is 'to Breathe fire'
Krane (CRANE)
Be brave/Bold
Lockru (LOCK-rue)
Attack, Provoke
Malzoy (mal-ZOI)
Nylton (NIL-ton)
Fire a ranged weapon (usually a gun)
Rhevno (REV-no)
Cripple, Injure, Wound
Rhynor (RIE-nore)
Lie, Deceive
Senko (SEN-co)
Threnimol (thren-ih-MOLL)
Follow, Obey
Ugaruy (YOU-gah-roi)
Cower, Hide, Run away from...
Vuuytrahl (vu-oi-TRAHL)
Hunt, Search
Yaniiz (yah-KNEES)
Force, Pressure


Many of these slangs are commonly used insults or related to war, this is thought to be due to the fact that Javúrian was developed by prisoners of war.

  • Auto-perfect - A term describing a perfectionist
  • Bridge over Bloodwater - An expression implying that one has overcome a difficult problem with ease, the term is based on the troubles faced by beings trying to cross the river Bloodwater as it is highly alkaline
  • Sky Fortresses - A rare term used to describe a large group of clouds
  • Decayed Legend - A rare term describing one who is not recognised for their good deeds
  • Evuk - This Caaldurin's name has become a slang word for 'rebel' or 'rule-breaker' due to his betrayal of the Order of Mata Nui. It is very rarely used as a word for 'investigator of truth', which implies that one who uses this would see Evuk's actions against the Order and Zypveran government as right
  • Full-Head - A slang term describing a being who is obsessed with an idea or hobby
  • Go to Zandeech - The Jarúvian equivalent to 'Go to Karzahni', based on the highly poisonous gases and hostile residents of Zandeech
  • Great Mistake - A term referring to a being whose creation was a mistake
  • Kental - This Vhaine's name has become a slang word for 'murderer' or 'killer' due to his string of murders in the Zutal desert region
  • Lack of range - An expression used to describe something that cannot adapt to a situation, usually describes tools
  • Like a City Waddler's ear - An expression based on a City Waddler's ability to understand any spoken language
  • Like the Windows of Zutal - An expression based on the reflections cast by the buildings of Zutal city
  • L.P. - An abbreviated term meaning 'Locate and Prevent'
  • Loud as a screaming tree - An simile based on the characteristics of a falling tree, usually describes a being that is annoyingly talkative
  • More burns than bandages - An expression which indicates 'more harm than good'
  • R.I. - An abbreviated term meaning 'Retrieve and Interrogate'
  • Riddler - A word implying that one is deceiving, based on the appearance of a Waddler and the ferocity of a Rifix Dragon. A portmanteau of the words 'Rifix' and 'Waddler'
  • Skills of a lohtune scavenger - An expression implying that a being lacks skills and/or talents
  • Slamming it down - An expression indicating very heavy rain
  • T.D. - An abbreviated term standing for 'Target and Destroy', primarily used during war time (often followed by the name of the target)
  • W.C. - An abbreviated term meaning 'Weaken and Capture'
  • Wide as a Skakdi's grin - A simile implying that one is 'overexcited' or happier than they should be
  • 'Wing' something - A term used to describe skill and quick advancement in an activity, such as a sport