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Jaller Comic: Issue 12
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Pasenture Nui
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Issue 12 is a comic about Jaller and friends.


The mission to stop Praz continues.



  • Azon was drawn with one of Jaller's legs twice.
  • In the second panel with Haller Stabs, his left arm was suppose to be out.
  • Evnika was almost drawn with Strakk's head once, which left with a line through his jaw.
  • Azon wasn't holding his Staff of Fate when he defeated Morphaller
  • Morphaller had many screw-ups.
    • He had 3 teeth once.
    • His forehead drawn as Jaller's normal forehead, instead of a third eye twice.
    • He was drwn with Haller's body once.
    • His Hero Factory arm piece was first drawn as Jaller's.
    • When Jaller was fighting him his left hand was supposed to be near his head.


  • Everyone was suppose to have a body when Jaller passed out, but someone didn't want to draw them.
  • Jaller was climbing stairs in the cave, not Catherine blocks
  • Jaller's line "Now's not the time to be dead," is taken straight from Catherine whenever the player dies.
  • This is the first issue to be uploaded the day it was made since Treasure Part 1.
  • Everyone who appears when the gang is entering the forest are the ones who were forgotten in the rest of the issue.
  • Everyone in the first panel in the forest has a "classic" Mask.
  • The Spikey Boar-Pig is the first monster boss who isn't giant.



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