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Altronia Operative
Elemental Sonics
Decibel Spikes, Climbing Claws

Jahvoka is a Toa of Sonics from the Altronia Continuity.


Jahvoka was once captured by Burtok, then the Makuta tried many experiments on the Toa and his teammates, trying to manipulate their powers and memories. He succeeded in erasing some of Jahvoka's memory, changing his armor color, and shrinking him to half size, which also depowered him.

Jahvoka served the Avenging Alliance for some time, and it was he that got Bultrox's attention to get the Runask to help them rig the Virus Cannons to explode.

He assisted in Burtok's defeat, and was escorted to Altronia by the Hokanuka.

While on a stroll with his comrades, Xovar made a reappearance. The Toa of the Green was warmly welcomed back onto the team by Jahvoka and the rest. Shortly after, the newly renamed Vindicators joined with the Order of Altronia to defend Altronia Fortress from a mercenary army led by Makuta Cekadax, a battle from which they emerged victorious.

The Order followed that victory up with an assault on Cekedax's home fortress. The Vindicators and Universal Alliance followed Faxhuun and a few of his braves into the fortress halls and found themselves in battle against Makuta Ikirro. The teams barely made it out of that situation alive.

Powers and Equipment[]

Jahvoka has a power over sound common to all Toa of Sonics. He also has a sensitivity to loud sounds, due to his good hearing.


Jahvoka wears a Great Thrailkin, the Mask of Power Boosting.


Jahovka carries Decibel Spikes which channel his power. When he was depowered, he relied on little bronze climbing claws in combat.

Personality and Traits[]

Jahvoka has a very efficient personality, and doesn't speak much. He has made a habit of speaking when the message conveyed in his words would guarantee he would be heard, because people would want to listen. In addition, he has told Vaturi that he only focuses on important thoughts when in danger, so he can get the job done more effectively.


  • Sidd and Argh couldn't actually find when he was killed in the story (The previous citation was an assumption), and, since Argh likes Toa of Sonics, they voted to assume he is still alive.
  • Argh planned to revamp his personality sometime, because he thinks Toa of Sonics are awesome.
    • Similar thing to the issue with Panuko. Sidd will take care giving him a credible personality now.
  • Argh thinks Jahvoka is awesome.