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Mask of Foresight
Wearers can see visions of the future, as well as visions of present events and can also detect strong sources of energy
Component Kanoka

The Kanohi Jadenak, is a mask currently worn by Crucedus, it is the Mask of Foresight.


The Jadenak was first created at Crucedus' creation, so it was never forged from a disk or other artifact. It's true power was unlocked when Crucedus went to the Great Temple after being handed a Toa stone. he discovered soon after that he could see visions of the future and sense the power of his fellow Toa.

He found out that after he discovered his mask power, there would be other beings who would want his mask for their own, knowing that in the wrong hands the power would be too dangerous. He didn't trust many other beings other than the Toa Neuroxa.

One day, after crucedus found Briara wounded by a mysterious Makuta he decided to help her and add her to the team.


The Kanohi jadenak is the mask of Foresight, so any being who were to wear it would be able to see into the future when needed.