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Mask of Evasion
Allows the user to evade an attack with short range teleportation
Component Kanoka

The Kanohi Jaatuh is the Mask of Evasion.


The Kanohi Jaatuh was created by Mata Nui and Helryx, and given to Uragan, along with his Boomerang Blade when he was created as a Toa.


The Kanohi Jaatuh gives the user the ability to evade any form of physical attack launched at them. The user is able to evade the attack by using short range teleportation. The user cannot evade attacks they are not aware of, or any form of mental or spiritual attack. The user can evade anything that will physically come in contact with the user if they do not evade it.

Whilst in use, the user appears to blur in the direction they intend to move towards, reappearing as if they blurred to their current location instead of means of teleportation. This however is not the case, as the user does teleport. Instead, this is a weakness of the mask, as the user will always blur towards/from their target location.

With experience, the user can use the masks power repetitively in quick concession, teleporting around a fixed point. The user can complete such a feat as long as they are in risk of a physical attack.

Known Wearers[]