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Matorans 019
Ivel's Group
Powerless Akaku
Bladed shield
Unknown; likely deceased
Tren Krom's Island

Ivel was a Ko-Matoran who was sent to the realm of Karzahni, where he formed a group of Matoran working against the island's ruler.


Early Life[]

Ivel, like all Matoran, was created by the Great Beings to inhabit the Matoran Universe. Currently, his home island is unknown. It is known that at some point, for some reason, he was sent to the realm of Karzahni. Somehow, he avoided being fixed by the island's ruler.


Story: The Odyssey of Rannok
"Hello Rannok, I am Ivel, leader of these Matoran working against Karzahni."
―Ivel, The Odyssey of Rannok

At some point, Ivel formed a ragtag band of Matoran working against Karzahni. It is possible that Axiz, Syrke, and/or Naved had joined him when the group formed, but it is unknown who joined when. The four later met the Matoran of Rubber Rannok.

The group then enacted a plan to scape Karzahni, burning all but one of the exits to the ruler's fortress, resulting in over 50 casualties of other Matoran. The five each rescued one of the Matoran guards, who soon disappeared along with Naved. Moving onwards, the group successfully sailed out of Karzahni until their ship's mast was struck by lightning, setting the craft ablaze.

Floating for days through the silver sea on debris, the Matoran finally found themselves on an island, where they encountered Tren Krom. Syrke shot him with a firearm to facilitate their escape, but not before the eldritch being captured and likely killed Ivel. The Ko-Matoran's whereabouts after this, if any, are unknown.

Abilities and Traits[]

"Smart, a common trait in Matoran of Ice. Ivel's basically your basic Ko-Matoran, only his attitude is different. He is often aggressive to Matoran he knows and more friendly to newcomers. He also can't swim."
―Jefforyduck's official description of Ivel

Being a Ko-Matoran, Ivel only held a minuscule amount of Elemental Ice energy, to the point of being extraordinarily resistant to the cold.

Mask and Tools[]

Ivel wore a powerless Akaku. He carried a bladed shield for both offense and defense.



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