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Leader of Guardians of Gui Da
Divine Mask of Truth
*Staff of Time
  • Shield of Transportation
*Kiri Vai
  • Template:Bio

Iruuvi was a Guardian and former Iritan of the Hutar tribe. He was born on Template:Bioand lived there until he became a Guardian. He became a Guardian when the Great Spirit of Gui Da set aside six mighty warriors from each Iritan. He gave each Guardian special abilities, powers, weapons, and one duty. That duty was to watch over, protect, and guide the Iritan after their separation with Gui Da.

Iruuvi was known as the Guardian of Truth, and wielded a large Staff of Time and Divine Mask of Truth. Like every Guardian, he also wielded a shield of transportation that allowed anyone to be transported anywhere at anytime. With this, Irruvi and the other five looked over the Iritan. But when their paradise was threatened by the invasion of the Template:Bio, Iruuvi and the others made a notion to move to another place. The new location was known as Kiri Vai.

Kiri Vai was different. It was not the paradise of Mata Nui. They lived in fear of constant attack. Gui Da saw their troubles and gave Iruuvi the motion to build a sanctuary to him. However, the sanctuary was off limits to any Iritan as they were not worthy enough to set foot in it. Iruuvi and one other were the only ones allowed in the sanctuary. When six Iritan broke the law, they were exiled back to Mata Nui, which was no longer the paradise the once knew it as. Gui Da’s presence left the sanctuary, and the Iritan were suddenly threatened again. Iruuvi made a motion to return to Mata Nui and live among the new comers. When the others finally agreed, they returned, but in small sections. The Guardians returned to clear the way for the rest.

At that time, Iruuvi became involved with a local Matoran and his quest for six Great Kanohi Masks. Iruuvi knew the Island well and helped the Matoran, but in doing so, caused trouble among the Guardians. There was soon a schism, and Iruuvi was facing civil war. He pleaded for the Matoran’s help and received it. It was then that Iruuvi realized that Ripuri was one of the Exiled Six. He led Ripuri to his true self and eventually did the same for Ripuri’s friend, Takima. In the end, Iruuvi had guided the Iritan back in time for the final invasion. They defended the Island and fought of the final threat. Iruuvi used his Staff of Time to stop time enough for the Iritan to win. This drained most of his energy and he grew extremely weak. It was unknown whether he passed away there or not.