"Your life is more important than mine."
―Iruini's last words, to Henkka
Iruini (HT)
SpeciesToa Hagah
GroupGood Guys
KanohiGolden Olmak (The picture is before he donned an Olmak. He used to wear a Kaulsi and then a Rau that were both gold)
ColorsGreen, Gold
ToolsCyclone Spear, Artificial Rhotuka Launcher
LocationUnknown as of now

Iruini is a Toa of Air in the HT adventures

In Super Toa Mission (Iruini98)

Iruini had a big character in Super Toa Mission.In the first season from Super Toa Mission he was the leader from the Toa Hagah.

Biography in HT Adventures

Iruini was the only Rahaga to find cure for Roodaka's mutation. He was transformed back into a Toa Hagah. At some point in his life, he came to Bio-Land and became Henkka's friend. When Alliance of the Enemies saga started, Henkka called Iruini to help him. Iruini also brought an Ussal Crab, Pewka, who he had adopted. Iruini was damaged by Kidhiki's Nova Blast and was hurled into the Kowa Mountains at some point, but Aino and Matoran Hordika saved him. Iruini later battled the army of Griddlers and Minion Dogs until Ketawnki defeated them.

Iruini then was seaparated from his friends after another attack from Inwirn. He traveled with Aino and found the Tohunga Village. Later, in the final battle with The Claws minions, Iruini was damged again. But so was Henkka. He was crushed by Alex's armor. Henkka was dying but Iruini said to him that his life was more important than his own. Saying this, he transfered all his life force into Henkka, keeping him alive and giving Henkka some green parts and slight elemental abilities of air.

Iruini is materially deceased but his spirit is carried by Henkka, keeping Iruini alive in a way. If Iruini's spirit would be taken from Henkka, he would die.

Codak Nui Tales

Some parts of his tale are canon to the HT adventures although most are not, his death is.

He had been brought to life again after his spirit fell in protodermis. Attempting to find out the secrets of the Zelnian and Zelnian-Na he met up with Lesovikk. He then fought with Klingata a mutated Dark Soldier who had been hunting him down and was in posession of the Kanohi Arthidex. Iruini beat him but was unaware at the moment Klingata had started a Toa/Dark Hunter war.

After a tussle with Toa Helryx he left the war only to be confronted by Klingata and thrown far away. His Rau was broken and he was given an Olmak.


  • Iruini wasn't been sent to a Bionicle Afterlife, since his spirit has already had a home in Henkka.
  • Henkka kept the green parts and abilities of air after Iruini was brought back to life as a Toa Nuva.
  • Iruini is probably the only character in HT Adventures that can't be canon in Bionicle, since he dies here.

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