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Inix was a powerful bounty hunter from the Matoran Universe.


Not much is currently known about Inix. He once was an Av-Matoran that was influenced by power and riches that lived in Karda Nui. When he was young, he was captured and traded over to slavers. For many years, he worked on many islands and was often traded to different slave owners. He most notably worked on Karzahni, where he narrowly escaped his slave master and massacred everyone that encountered him on his way off the island.

After realizing how rich and powerful his past slave owners were, he began to envy them and longed for a life of riches and fighting. In order to do this, he became a bounty hunter.

Inix's biggest mission was based around finding the Special Forces Toa and destroying them. He failed this mission, however. more soon



  • Inix has no kanohi, or even really a head, for that matter. His head most resembles a flat, circular hat.
  • Inix's old body design (no longer shown on the wiki) was mostly designed by ToaInfinity's younger brother.
  • Inix's body design went through four previous appearances before deciding on a final look.