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Infernal Legion
Infernal Legion
Infernal Castle, Lost Continents
Abaddon (imprisoned)
Vicoran (interim)
•Free Abaddon from his pocket dimension prison
•Assist Abaddon to takeover the Great Spirit Robot
Various Bounty Hunters and various former Dark Hunters
Council of Kehidupan, Order of Mata Nui
"Abaddon will rise again. We are the Infernal Legion. Fear us."
Vicoran threatening the Council of Kehidupan, The Unveiling

The Infernal Legion is a group dedicated to releasing the tyrant Abaddon, created in his absence by the efforts of Crescent and Vicoran.


Approximately 50 years before the Brotherhood of Makuta took over the Great Spirit Robot, Abaddon declared war against Mata Nui. He and Vicoran entered Furro, attempting to gain access to the Core Processor room.

Although successful in gaining access to Furro, Abaddon did not succeed in proceeding much further, being caught and defeated by the Toa Neirae and Order of Mata Nui. Vicoran was killed and Abaddon was imprisoned in a pocket dimension.


After the Great Cataclysm War concluded, Crescent began reassembling the Infernal Legion in secret, at the request of Abaddon. The Shadow Toa recruited Antroz and Mantax, who assisted him in getting "Shadowplayer" and "Mach" to join the group.

At some point, the group made a base in the Lost Continents: a great castle dubbed the Infernal Castle.

Antroz fought with Javyz, defeating her and gaining the favour of Lumenious, so the Infernal Legion could use his army of Skakdi to ambush the Order of Mata Nui in the Lost Continents. Crescent recruited Kormak and Decronox to work for the Infernal Legion as bounty hunters, to gain the attention of the Order of Mata Nui.

Ambushing the Order[]

As a distraction, Antroz and Lumenious' army of Skakdi fought the Order of Mata Nui. Meanwhile, Crescent and "Shadowplayer" kidnapped Wira, using the Mask of Life to revive Vicoran.

The Infernal Legion infiltrated Kehidupan to gain information about the location of Artakha, eventually finding the Matoran crafter and kidnapping him. Crescent threatens "Shadowplayer" after suspecting his loyalty to the Infernal Legion.

Abaddon's return[]

After raiding Aratakhas, the Infernal Legion ambushes Helryx, Suram and Wira as they entered Kehidupan. A brief battle occurred before Vicoran impaled Wira and took him to the Core Processor room to free Abaddon.

Abaddon fought the Order of Mata Nui and killed Helryx.




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