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Dark Hunters
Bounty Hunter, Soldier
Ice, Shadow
Control Over Ice And Shadow
Eagle Shield, Plasma Blaster

"Imperial", formerly known as Toa Crylosh, is a Toa of Ice and Shadow that serves the Dark Hunters.


Toa Crylosh was created at an unknown time as a Ko-Matoran, where he lived on Lyocia Nui. At one point in time, he was given a Toa Stone by an unknown Toa, and he became the deputy leader of a Toa Team called the Toa Lyocia. The Toa Lyocia went on a number of missions, until most of the Team was killed in an unknown accident, with Crylosh and two other Toa, Trycarok and Virforj, being the only survivors out of the original six.

After this disaster, Trycarok, Crylosh, and Virforj went their separate ways, and Crylosh would remain unaware of their fates.

Searching for a purpose in life, Crylosh would go on a long journey, overcoming multiple challenges along the way. Eventually, he had an encounter with the evil Makuta Harponok, in which Harponok used his Zylok X87 multipurpose machine to infect Crylosh with a Shadow Leech, giving him powers over Shadow as well as Ice. Crylosh was able to break free before he could be completely corrupted, and was eventually able to destroy Zylok and escape, though not after being imprisoned for several weeks.

Much later, he was approached by the Dark Hunters, and offered a job as a mercenary. Having finally found a purpose in life, Crylosh accepted, being given the codename "Imperial".


In combat, Imperial wields a specialized Plasma Blaster capable of firing spheres of super-heated Plasma, and carries an Eagle Shield.

Personality and Traits[]

Imperial is cold and cunning, and rarely shows emotion. He cares deeply about his job as a Bounty Hunter, and enjoys his job. After his encounter with Harponok, Imperial has developed an extreme hatred towards Makuta, and a strong dislike of machinery. His corruption by the Shadow Leech has also given him another, darker side of his personality, being prone to violent outbursts when under extreme stress.


  • Imperial is based off of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars.
  • Imperial's true name, Crylosh, was at first going to be the name of his Toa Team.
  • Imperial once defeated Makuta Struxx in one of Baterra1202's animation tests on YouTube.
  • Imperial's true name, Crylosh, is actually based off the word Cryoshell, a band that has had a large number of songs used for different years in the canon BIONICLE storyline.

Story Appearances[]

  • The Bohrok Codes
  • Purposeless