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Great Beings (Formerly) Fretis(Forrmerly)
Healing, Light, Life (All Formerly) Pain, Suffering, Death
Platisteel Swords
Void between dimensions.
"My original powers were healing, light, and life. But when my brothers, the Great Beings, saw my raw power, they feared me and banished me from their perfect world. Over time I managed to escape, due to an idiotic Skakdi named Vezon. I vowed to have my revenge, and either take over their world...or destroy it entirly, starting with you."
―Immortal to Zalith


Not much is known about Immortal. His true name was lost in time and those who do know it don't even dare mutter it without being afraid of what might happen should he somehow hear it. It is known he sent a Great Being running in fear. Shortly after that the Great Beings sent him to an empty and endless void for many millenia.

Influence over the Fretis[]

Eventually Immortal influenced the Fretis telling them that with his help they could take over Larhii Nui and, eventually, all of Spherus Magna.


"Put down your sword, I can strike you down before you manage to swing it."
―Immortal to Zalith
"Manage to do what even a Great Being was not able to do, look into my eyes and avoid running in fear, and you will gain my respect Toa."
―Immortal to Zalith
Immortal closeup

Immortal closeup

"You think you know pain? You think you know suffering? You think you know death? No Toa, for you were not trapped in an empty void with nothing to replenish your energy, all the while knowing you could not fell the pleasent endless rest death has to offer."
―Immortal to Zalith

Abilities and Traits[]

As a Great being Immortal had powers over healing, light, and life, but when he was exiled had powers over pain, suffering, and who died when they were struck down (he could not control his own death). Immortal could only die if he was struck down in combat. He was also able to create spheres of pure darkness and death, that only a being wearing Armor bestowed upon them by the Great Beings could withstand, and even then only halfway which was still enough to daze them (without the armor a sphere at full blast whould blow a being three fourths of the way through a one bio thick wall).


Evil and ruthless, enjoys threatening his enemies with his experiences while watching the horrored look on their face. Will not hesitate to kill those who stand in his way.

Set Information[]

  • Was released in my alternate 2010 as a late titan type set.
  • Set contains 85 pieces
  • Set is roughly 9" tall


  • He has a pair of glider wings that he uses to fly even though he doesn't use them.
    Immortal glider wings

    Immortal's glider wings

  • Was originally a Great Being, with powers of Life, Light, and Healing.
  • He considers his current form weak even though it is more powerful than an average Toa.
  • The alias Immortal is due to his power that he can only die if cut down in battle.