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Orbiting Kiridonia
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EEK jar-oh

Ik'jaro is a small moon that orbits Kiridonia. It is where the Disciples of Vradok grow their organic weapons, including Viperdust. It is mostly managed by Vor Sxe'cahn in his free time, his deputy being a mutated Jungle Agori.

It orbits the planet Kiridonia, the throneworld of the Disciples of Vradok.


The moon is mostly covered by fields and lakes, though conditions at the poles are arctic. No life can survive in these arctic regions because of the storms of elemental energy that exist as a result of interference by the Disciples of Vradok. The energy from these storms is harvested by complex machinery, and used to power Vradok's fleet.

All sentient faunal life on Ik'Jaro was transplanted there by the Disciples of Vradok. Prior to their arrival on the moon, it supported only floral life, but is now home to all kinds of organic and biomechanical life, including Insurrahk colonies.


A complex of dungeons lies below the surface of one of the less-used Viperdust farms, in the south of the moon. Here, many of Vradok's prisoners are tortured and experimented on. Many viruses were developed here, tested on prisoners, most notably the Aged Breath virus.


First discovered by a Vorgaan engineer centuries ago, the heretic Vor Sxe'cahn brought a sample of this as well as many other plants with him when he joined the Disciples of Vradok, and the organisations scientists immediately set about cloning the sample. Viperdust is a powerful paralytic, which can kill if not treated within three Kiridonian days. It can also be burned as fuel, though this is rarley done as the Disciples of Vradok have more sustainable methods of generating energy.

Viperdust is also a vital ingredient in many Kiridonian viruses, including viruses to induce sleep, pain, fear, anger, or to cause mutations, varying from enhanced muscle growth to insectoid mutations.


  • Vor Sxe'cahn picked out this moon himself as being the best option for a weapon farm.