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Ignika Universe Saga
The Rising Arc
The Downfall Arc
Matoran Universe
Date Set
1000 BGCW - present
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The Ignika Universe Saga is a series of short stories that takes place in an alternate universe where the Ignika plays a crucial role within the Great Spirit Robot. It is written and created by Dregran.


The main characters in the Ignika Universe Saga are the Toa of Life, Wira, who ends up taking the Ignika from the Core Processor and wearing it, and Toa of Light, Suram, his best friend and companion. The story follows the Order of Mata Nui discovering the Infernal Legion, a creed of criminals who serve the imprisoned tyrant Abaddon.

War ensues, and the peace-loving city of Kehidupan has to use all of their resources to fight the Infernal Legion. Veteran members of the Order of Mata Nui and new Toa team up to defeat the Infernal Legion and thwart their plans for takeover. Their success or failure secretly part of a bigger plan for the universe...

Differences from BIONICLE Canon[]

As the Ignika Universe Saga is set in an alternate universe, there are a number of differences from the canon BIONICLE universe written by Greg Farshtey. For purposes of understanding, the differences are listed below:

  • Matoran and Makuta are primarily mechanical beings, relying on an internal power source and energy absorption.
    • These are the only races created by Mata Nui.
  • Selavian, Varim, Vortixx, Rekidor and Skakdi are primarily biological beings, though can use their internal power source as their main source of energy.
    • Skakdi are infamous for relying on food and waste for energy.
  • The Makuta each possess a unique ability, similar to the Kraata powers.
  • It is common knowledge that the Matoran Universe exists only inside the Great Spirit Robot.
  • The Ignika was originally created as both the keystone and power source for the Great Spirit Robot.
    • Multiple fails-safes were installed to prevent the Ignika from being taken.


See: Timeline

The Rising Arc[]

The Unveiling[]

  • Helryx leads a team of Toa into the Lost Continents, tracking a Bounty Hunter
  • The Order of Mata Nui discover Vicoran is still alive, and the Infernal Legion has returned
  • Wira gets kidnapped by the Infernal Legion
  • Kisa forms an assault team to track down the Infernal Legion
  • Wira is rescued
  • The Infernal Legion defeats the assault team and threatens the Council of Kehidupan

The Seeking[]

  • The Council of Kehidupan discuss the return of the Infernal Legion and determine their plan to find Artakha
  • Agni and Indra venture into the Lost Continents to infiltrate the Infernal Legion's base
  • The Infernal Legion plants Mantax to combat the Toa the base
  • The Infernal Legion attacked Kehidupan, retreating when they don't find Artakha
  • Kormak is captured and interrogated by the Order of Mata Nui
  • Shadowplayer, Crescent and Yunak battle and find Artakha, who is taken by the Infernal Legion

The Rising[]

  • Wira, Suram and Helryx travel to Aratakhas to see if the Infernal Legion stole any of Artakha's creations
  • The group encounter three Kralj and discover Artakha's storage shed has been emptied
  • The group head back to tell the Council of Kehidupan with the news
  • Helryx, Wira and Suram are attacked by Vicoran, who separates the Toa
  • Suram is defeated by Crescent and nearly loses his life
  • Eclipse and Solstice briefly battle Crescent but are defeated
  • Vicoran and Crescent escape with Wira, infiltrating the tunnels to the Core Processor with the help of Karzahni
  • Vicoran uses the Olmak to free Abaddon from his pocket-dimension prison, leaving Wira in his place

The Downfall Arc[]

Darkest Reign[]

  • Abaddon attacks the Order of Mata Nui after being freed from his prison
  • Crescent battles Eclipse and Suram, being overpowered when Antroz teams up with the Toa
  • Crescent is defeated and disappears
  • Abaddon defeats the Order of Mata Nui and allies and kills Helryx
  • The Toa Neirae attack Abaddon and corner the tyrant
  • Abaddon overwhelms the Toa Neirae and kills Kisa
  • Mersery dons the Mask of Time and asks Eclipse to assist him in removing the Mask of Creation from Abaddon
  • Mersery returns, revealing that he was after the Mask of Life to revive Helryx, unknowingly reviving Gematria as well
  • Abaddon is cornered by the combined efforts of Helryx, Eclipse and Suram
  • Gematria intervenes and defeats Helryx while Abaddon attacks Eclipse
  • Mata Nui saves the fallen Order of Mata Nui, Toa Neirae and allies and takes them to the Lost Contients to recover
  • Mata Nui reveals the truth about Abaddon and Teridax working together to take control of the Great Spirit Robot

Order's End[]

  • Mata Nui asks Helryx to accompany him to the Lost Continents to recruit some Bounty Hunters
  • Helryx asks Yunak to lead the Order of Mata Nui but he declines, suggesting Eclipse instead
  • Mata Nui, Helryx, Yunak and Suram head into the Lost Continents and encounter Pridak
  • Pridak initially fights Helryx and Yunak but agrees to join them after Helryx threatens him
  • The group encounter Idrih and he joins them along with Agni and Indra
  • Javyz attacks the base camp and fights with Eclipse and the Order of Mata Nui, but the conflict stops when Helryx and the group return

The Downfall[]

  • Eclipse, Pridak, Helryx, Ghi, Idrih and Suram meet to discuss their strategy against Abaddon and Teridax
  • Idrih explains to Eclipse in private that there had to be something more to Teridax's plan
  • The Order of Mata Nui team up with the Matoran and new Toa to fight "Mach" and Abaddon's Skakdi army
  • Suram clashes with Abaddon and Crescent, eventually fighting the former one-on-one
  • Javyz, Yunak, Nadati, Eclipse, Helryx and Pridak fight Abaddon
  • Crescent manages to expel Teridax's spirit from his body and Suram seemingly defeats him
  • Abaddon defeats Javyz and then decimates the battlefield, killing most Skakdi, Matoran and "Mach"
  • Abaddon defeats Helryx and Yunak before killing Suram
  • Eclipse retreats with Helryx as Teridax possesses Abaddon
  • Teridax attacks Eclipse but is interrupted by Crescent, who holds him back
  • Vicoran lands the Great Spirit Robot and leaves with Teridax, and the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe soon follow



The Rising Arc[]

The Downfall Arc[]

The Aftermath Arc[]

  • The Aftermath
  • The Matoran Hunter
  • Journey to the Edge

Other fiction[]