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Ignika Retrieval Squad

The Ignika Retrieval Squad is a team of five from Baterra Magna.


The group, originally consisting of Zac, Erax, Verunax, and Zundar, was put together by the Order of Mata Nui. They were commissioned by Axonn to find the Kanohi Ignika on Bara Magna. The portal they used to get to the desert world malfunctioned, though, and the four were instead transported to an alternate Bara Magna where things have gone all wrong.

The four were dropped in the middle of a battle going on in Arena Magna, one involving enemies with invisibility powers. They team managed to triumph, and took residence in a deserted dwelling. While on errands around the surrounding village, the quartet were individually visited by a strange, cloaked figure, who gave them a dire warning.

The next morning, the four had a brief conversation before setting out on their search. Zac led them to a Toa of Psionics whom he had met earlier, but she attacked them. After she was defeated, Vorox sprang from the ground, and turned out to be led by Malum. After the conflict was halted, he suggested the four head off to Vulcanus, but since it was getting dark, Malum knew the four would likely be Bone Hunter prey.

The squad began their journey, but it didn't take long for the sun to set and Bone Hunter to attack, led by Fero. Two Hunters were killed, one stunned, and Fero restrained with, to the Hunters, embarrassing speed. Fero was told to leave alive and let the four know of any Ignika sightings.

The Squad then carved out a cave for the quartet to sleep in overnight. Just before morning, a few Bone Hunters, unaware of the scuffle with Fero, attacked, with Erax using his natural speed and agility to defeat each of them. By the time the others awoke, the Hunters were all down. Verunax then intimidated a Hunter into avoiding them from now on.

Further on in their trip, the group thought they had found the Ignika, but Dianois's telepathy revealed it not to be. They conversed with the now friendly, if grim, Toa of Psionics, and eventually added her to the team and decided to start overthrowing the Baterra.



  • The Ignika Retrieval Squad has not been referred to as such in the fiction to date. Sidd and Argh may introduce the name into the story soon, though.