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Group Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly)
Occupation Criminal, servant
Element Ice
Kanohi Mask of Incomprehension
Tools Dagger
Status Deceased
Location Stelt
Pronunciation Egg-Nehv-vuhs

"Join yawl? Buddy, I'll make him the greatest warrior that ever lived! Well, besides myself of course."
―Ignavus to Icarax, You Don't Belong Here. [[src]]

Ignavus was a cowardly Ko-Matoran criminal serving the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Ignavus was created alongside his fellow Matoran by the Great Beings to aid in the construction of the Matoran Universe. Once it was completed, he moved to Stelt. He originally took on the task of being a courier on the island, relaying messages for his clients. He soon got into the smuggling business, using his old job as a cover-up. He came across Vultraz at one point, and the two would build a mutual partnership.

His operations eventually caught the attention of Tridax and another Makuta, requesting that he'd send some shipments to Unoyr. During one such run, he was requested by some of the Makuta to partake in a match against Tridax's "prized pet." After a bit of iintimidation he complied and fight him in hand-to-hand combat. Icarax later broke up the fight, not pleased with the smuggler's lack of experience.

A few years later, he was running another operation for client of his on Stelt. During the heist, however, he ran across a Matoran agent of the Order of Mata Nui. He panicked when he recognized him from a previous shipment, and attempted to defend himself. He was swiftly killed without much effort from his murderer.

Due to the damage done to his cranial capacity, he was unable to be revived at the Red Star.

Abilities and Traits

Ignavus was arrogant, believing himself to be a master of combat. If he finds himself outmatched, however, he'll try to run or hide, revealing his cowardice. Because of his trade, he's taught himself to utilize stealth.

Mask and Tools

Ignavus was known to have worn a Mask of Incomprehension and wielded a simple dagger.



  • He was created to replace Vultraz in a recent rewrite of Chapter 2 of You Don't Belong Here. His connection to the Ta-Matoran is a nod to the original version of the chapter.
    • He was also recreated as a form of irony. Vultraz's enemy, Mazeka, is a Ko-Matoran much like Ignavus himself.
  • His name is the Latin word for "Coward", fitting his personality.