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Idris was a Hybrid commander who faught in the deadly Hybrid Wars. She was killed by Viri in the Core Void.

Idris (Varkanax39)
Hybrid Traits
Great Felnas
Venom Spear


Idris, like other hybrids, was summoned by Lariska to posess the bodies of the living. Idris posseesed a Star Fighter incsect. Later, she was spotted in Ko-Metru, with Kazi, Balta, and the other Hybrid Toa Ultimate. Seeing Kyhrex, they, for no apperent reason, desired to kill her. Idris seemed to command the other Hybrids.

After Kazi, Sarda, and most of the Hybrids were killed, the remainder joined the Corpsian Legion. Idris, Balta, and Defilak, three Toa Ultimate Hybrids, were hauled into the Core Void along with Pridak, Eehlek, and the Five Piraka. After the Piraka were disbanded and most killed, Idris sent Balta to kill Blaze, who had fallen onto Teridax's Visorak strike force below the Void Tunnels. However, Blaze defeated Balta, hurling him deeper into the Void within a burning Visorak web. Idris, not knowing this, and seeing Viri alone on a cliff face, attacked the Toa of Water. However, Idris underestimated Viri's loyalty to Kyhrex and the Hand of Mata Nui, and the Toa gored her through the side with a blade, killing Idris.

Abilities and Traits[]

As a Toa Ultimate, Idris was the most compassionate and caring of the Toa, healing those she could save with her powers.

As a Hybrid, Idris was corrupt, haughty, and visious. For no apparent reason, she and the other Toa Ultimate Hybrids seemed to hate Kyhrex, their only surviving team member, and wanted to kill her. Idris was somewhat friendly at first to Viri, but after she learned that the toa was friends with Kyhrex, attacked her.


  • Dissolution (mentioned only, not mentioned by name)
  • Expulsion (first appearence)
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