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Experiment Log 1[]

At last the new test subjects have arrived. This experiment will be called Experiment 109, or Ickrona. This will be my greatest rahi I created in my carrer. Test subject is a violent machine and speak no native language I ever heard of. Other wise known as a Bohrok. Test subject is dipped into the shadow leech vats for 5 minutes. No result. Subject is poured into energized protodermus. Subject has a unknown luster mineral on it's skull and on the kranna, but no result. Experiment Log 1: Inconclusive.

Experiment Log 2[]

New log, new day. Experiment seems weary after trying to struggle his way out. I learned that the unknown subtance on the subject from the oter day was just a luster that energized protodermus gives off. The subject is pourded with pit mutagen. Subject morphs into a aquatic version of a Gadunka shaped rahi. Finally, the subject is dipped into a shadow vat. The result is succesful. It was loyal and smart enough to use a weapon. Experiment 109/Ickrona was a succes. The kranna is a black color and it can be infinitly produced. Experiment Log 2: Conclusive.


This is a account of Chirox's experiment to make a Ickrona for the first raid on Kardi Nui. This is for a explaination for Chapter 6 on the Hodoka Blog.




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